Be the hero of your own story

To mark National Victims of Crime Awareness Week, we are sharing words of courage and giving #HeroesofResilience a platform to share their stories of resilience and healing.

Faces of Courage: Heroes of Resilience focuses on the stories of women speaking out against sexual assault and violence. It is a tribute to the voices of all survivors. Faces of Courage is a reminder that it’s never your fault.

Sharing your story and bearing witness to the stories of others are acts of resilience and courage. We need to remember that resistance for survivors comes in many different shapes and forms - one method is no more appropriate than the other. Sometimes survivors choose to come forward to service providers like Surrey Women’s Centre, but more often they go to trusted friends and family members. Listening with compassion is an act of courage in itself.

The stories for this year’s campaign are centered around the theme of acts of resilience and resistance.

It is our hope that Faces of Courage: Heroes of Resilience will encourage survivors to come forward and know they are not alone. Most importantly, persevere through the toughest challenges of their lives as a hero to their own story.

We would like to thank the courageous women who participated in this project. Their stories demonstrate the acts women take every day to speak out against violence and sexual assault. Thank you all for lending your voices for change. Together we are building a better future for women and girls.

Share these stories with your family and friends as part of your commitment to being the hero of your own story!

Special thanks to Tugboat for their beautiful site design, Sheila for capturing the stories of courage, and to the Department of Justice Canada for making this project possible.

Sonya, Amanda, Eugenia, Nancy
On behalf of all of us at Surrey Women's Centre.

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